What is Companion Care?

What is Companion Care?

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We get this question all the time: What is companion care? It’s a simple concept, but until you understand what it is, it can sound foreign. Companion care is provided in the home by a caregiver whose main role is to provide companionship for the client. The time spent together can include some personal care services, which are non-medical care giving services that can help a person remain independent and in their homes. Companion care can also include accompaniment transportation and light housekeeping.

What is Companion Care-freedigitalphotos.net-Toa55Companion care helps seniors and people with disabilities to enjoy companionship, stay connected to others, and get out and about. People who are not able to get around on their own can often feel isolated, causing them to become depressed. Caregivers might engage the client in friendly conversation, play games together, get outside for a walk, take them shopping or enjoy meals together.

For families who are too busy to spend a considerable amount of time with their loved one, companion care is the key. Caregivers often become like part of the family, providing trusted friendship for their clients. It helps busy families provide their loved one with a healthy, social environment that will allow the client to thrive in the best way possible. Caregivers provide emotional and physical support, encouraging their clients to stay mentally alert and physically active, while ensuring they aren’t alone.

Here are some additional ways that caregivers and their clients often spend together:

  • Conversation & Reminiscing About the Past
  • Assisting With Taking Walks
  • Assisting With Favorite Hobbies
  • Planning Outings & Events
  • Playing Games and Cards
  • Recording Family History
  • Emotional Support
  • Hobbies & Crafts
  • Reading Assistance
  • Stimulating Mental Awareness
  • Renting and Watching Movies
  • Accompaniment Transportation
  • Personal Care Services

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