Before modern medicine, it was rare to be admitted to a hospital and was much more common to have your health attended to in your own home. We are starting to revert back to that type of health care, especially with the new government regulated need for reduced hospital stays and readmission.

Home care is supportive care that is provided wherever an individual lives, whether that is in their home, a retirement community or a care facility. It is a helpful service that can be provided for seniors, chronically ill children or adults, and those who are recovering from surgery or are disabled.

The home care solution is one that helps support and prolong quality of life. There is nothing like being in the safety and comfort of your own home, especially when you are going through difficult health times. According to the AARP, 83% of older Americans want to continue living at home for the rest of their lives and 42% of seniors over 80 rely on professionals. 

Conditions requiring home health care most frequently include heart disease, diabetes, cerebral vascular diseases, chronic ulcer of the skin, osteoarthritis, and hypertension.

There are so many great benefits of home care that make it one of the best solutions when it comes to caring for a loved one in need. Some of those benefits include:

  • Seniors can maintain independence and enjoy a more convenient way to receive health care
  • Removes or reduces the overwhelming burden of caring for a loved one
  • The flexibility and customization of home care allows for more personalized care
  • It is often less expensive than other options
  • Patients often thrive in the comfort of their own home
  • Prevents the typical issues that lead to hospital readmissions, such as medication mistakes and misunderstandings, missed follow-up appointments, poor nutrition, dehydration and lack of safety preparation in the home
  • Seniors with dementia may be less confused at home
  • Continuous home care for patients who cannot be unattended is available
  • Daily or weekly visits are available based on the needs of the patient
  • Provides relief for families that need a break or are going on a vacation
  • Family members can spend quality time with their loved ones instead of feeling the stress of caregiving

CarpeVITA Home Care is unique in that we provide our clients with truly Personalized Care Plans. This  ensures the independence of “aging in place,” and also the mental and physical stimulation and the care between visits that ensures the best outcomes for the best value.

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