Accompaniment Transportation

Enjoy LIFE with your loved ones. Leave the care to us.

If you’ve worried about a loved one feeling isolated and trapped at home, and if calling them a cab to get to their appointments has made you a nervous wreck, we’ve got the solution for you: Accompaniment Transportation.

Accompaniment Transportation

Our accompaniment transportation service is much more than just a door-to-door transportation service. Our caregivers go above and beyond, accompanying your loved one wherever they need to go, ensuring their safety and giving you and your loved one the peace of mind to know they will be well taken care of while they are away from their home.

Whether your loved one has a medical appointment, needs to go shopping, or simply wants to visit with friends, our caregivers are ready to not only pick up and drop them off, they will also:

  • Help him or her get ready
  • Accompany your loved one to his or her appointments
  • Take notes (at your request)
  • Stay with him or her until they are ready to leave
  • Take your loved one back home
  • Stay with him or her until they are settled back into their home and are ready to safely resume their activities

CarpeVITA Home Care Accompaniment Transportation services are not a taxi, bus, limousine, ambulance, ambulette or transit service. Our services are provided outside of or along side our companion services.

Accompaniment Transportation services include:

  • Grocery store
  • Doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions
  • Medical testing and procedures
  • Hairdresser or barber appointments
  • Special family events (weddings, birthdays, graduations, reunions, etc.)
  • Drop off /pick up dry cleaning
  • Pick up prescriptions or medical equipment
  • Surgery (including overnight stay and pick-up)
  • Religious services, lectures, plays, concerts
  • Visits with friends and family / Social outings
  • General errand shopping
  • Transportation and assistance with same day surgery
  • And much more

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We prefer at least 24-hour notice, and we can provide service for a single event or on a regular schedule, seven days a week, including holidays. Contact us for prices and mileage fees that may be incurred.

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