The Facts and Fiction of Adult Day Care

The Facts and Fiction of Adult Day Care

Facts and Fiction of Adult Day Care

As with any service, not all adult day care facilities are created equal. They may differ in their mission, the depth and skill level of their staff, their atmosphere, and their reputation. The key ingredient to a successful adult day care experience is to understand the facts and fiction of adult day care and choose the facility that best matches your loved one’s needs.

Is it a Stimulating Environment?

Fiction: Adult Day Care facilities may keep Seniors safe, but they do little to stimulate or encourage interaction.

Fact: Far from being an adult “babysitting” service, adult day services are a great option for people who are still active to some degree, maintain an interest in their lifelong hobbies, or would enjoy experimenting with new hobbies. Such individuals will be served well in facilities that offer activities such as art classes, music appreciation, gardening projects, yoga or other exercise instruction. Those who enjoy group activities or reminiscing with their peers will look forward to their days at the center and will enjoy the benefits of socialization. Of course, not all facilities are the same so visit the ones in your area to find one with an atmosphere you like best.

Is there Enough Variety?

Fiction: Adult Day Care schedules are regimented and offer no opportunity for variety.

Fact: Most facilities offer enough variety that the participants don’t have to feel every day is the same and they can select their activities based on their mood and energy level each day. They (or their families) don’t have to make all their decisions or choices of activities/programs up front with no opportunity to revise them as the care recipients’ needs change. To whatever degree the care recipient is capable, facilities recognize that variety can be the key to success. They also recognize that, for others, the key ingredient to a successful experience is the security of knowing what each day holds, and that nothing new will be expected or required of them from one visit to the next.

Who is Adult Day Care For?

Fiction: Adult Day Care is geared for people who are physically frail and mentally declining.

Fact: Based on the activity opportunities within a given facility, the attendees will range from wheelchair bound to almost fully-functional. A wide range of mental acuity will also be represented among the attendees, with the majority being active and alert participants.

Is it Really for the Caregiver?

Fiction: Adult Day Care better serves the caregiver than the care recipient.

Fact: Both the caregiver and care recipient benefit from having adult day care incorporated in a care plan. Respite for the caregiver is a necessary and vital part of being able to provide unfailing care to a loved one. The activity and socialization provided the care recipient who frequently, or even occasionally, attends Adult Day Care can contribute to a feeling of well-being that can’t typically be obtained by remaining at home all day, every day.


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