What NOT to Do When Hiring Home Health Care

What NOT to Do When Hiring Home Health Care

What NOT to Do When Hiring Home Health Care

It’s just as important to know what you should not do as it is to know what you should do when it comes to hiring help to care for your loved one at home. It can help avoid many issues in the long run. If home care is something you are considering for your loved one, be sure you understand these tips about what not to do when hiring home health care.

Don’t Assume Back-Up Care is Available or That You Will Always Have the Same Caregiver

Things come up, and it’s no different for your caregiver who might end up needing a day off due to an illness, a vacation, a sick child or any number of reasons. Not all home care agencies have back-up care, which means you’d be left with no care. Before hiring a home care agency, make sure you ask if they have back-up care strategies in place. While you should have the same caregiver most of the time, having backup caregivers available is the only way you can ensure consistent care for your loved one.

Don’t Put it Off

Both family caregivers and their loved ones benefit when home health care help is brought into the home. It helps reduce the stress, overwhelm and resentment that often comes along with taking care of a loved one, and it brings a fresh personality into the home, helping to reduce depression and boredom for your loved one. Most family caregivers regret waiting so long to look into the services that are available to them, so be sure to at least start gathering information as soon as possible.

Don’t Forget to Ask For Proof of Verification

Instead of just assuming the agency you hire has done the proper background checks, has verified experience and education, and that the agency carries the proper insurance and licenses, ask for proof of these things. You are bringing someone into your or your loved one’s home to care for a person who is important to you – make sure you approach it in a way that helps you have peace of mind.

Don’t Leave People Out

Make sure you include your siblings and/or anyone close to your loved one in the decision-making and interview process when you are seeking home care. This is important even if you are the primary caregiver. That way, all expectations can be brought to the surface up front and disagreement issues can be avoided after the fact.

Don’t Go Into the Process Knowing Nothing

If you are new to home care, do some research before you jump right in and start calling agencies. That way, you’ll know what questions to ask and you’ll have an idea of what answers you are looking for. A good place to start is to download our Home Care Solution Guide.