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Buy Cheap Priligy Online – Over The Counter

Buy Cheap Priligy Online - Over The Counter

Full Overview of Priligy and Its Use

The following article provides a full overview Priligy and its application for Erectile Dysfunction treatment as well as compares all pros, cons, precautions and contraindications.
Priligy Over The CounterPriligy Over The Counter – When to Take Generic Priligy
Priligy is a drug prescribed for Premature Ejaculation treatment in men of 18 – 64 years old. The following list contains cases that can be effectively treated with Priligy:
consistent distress and interpersonal problems caused by Premature Ejaculation;
ejaculation happening during 2 minutes after the start of sexual intercourse without any stimulation and before man’s decision;
poor control of ejaculation.
The essential component and active ingredient in Priligy is dapoxetine, which originates from Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) group of medications and is recognized in the world of urology.

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The key function of Priligy is to extend the time prior to ejaculation and improve control over ejaculation, while minimizing stresses related to fast ejaculation. Afterall, Priligy may cause improvement in satisfaction from the sexual intercourse.

Instructions on How Priligy Should Be Taken

Before starting the treatment, it is crucial to cautiously read the leaflet including information from manufacturer, because it includes valuable information related to Priligy, and reviews side effects, precautions and contraindications that may be important to every patient.
Priligy is to be administered in strict adherence with prescription of your healthcare provider. Swallow Priligy tablets with plenty of water. The suggested starting dose is 30 mg, which should be administered 1-3 hours before expected sexual intercourse. Your healthcare specialist still gets to decide on any changes in dosage, which can reach one 60 mg pill. Any further increase in dose is only applicable once 30 mg dose is not sufficient or does not cause adequate effects, on condition that patient does not experience any side effects or worsening of health conditions.
Priligy should not be taken more than once during 24 hours. Priligy is not suitable for daily administration and should be taken only prior to expected sex. Due to bitter taste of the tablet, it is recommended to swallow it as whole and don’t chew. Priligy can be administered without and with meal, but should not be taken with heavy meals.

Possible Side Effects Related to Priligy

Priligy has proven to be effective in Premature Ejaculation treatment, but still may result in some unwanted side effects in specific patients. Hence, you are still need to understand possible side effects and take suitable actions, once any of them observed and get in touch with healthcare provider or seek for medical assistance.
Treatment with Priligy should be stopped and consultation with a doctor is required in case of:
felling close to fainting;
light-headedness sensations whenever stand up;
recurrent mood swings;
suicidal thoughts or ideas to harm yourself.
Moreover, get in touch with your physician once you observe:
recurrent nausea;
repeated headaches;
reoccurring dizziness;
high blood pressure;
tingling feeling or numbness;
blurry vision;
severe pain in eyes;
stuffy nose;
ringing sounds in ears;
severe diarrhoea or pain in abdominal area;
mouth dryness;
ingestion or vomiting;
intestinal gas;
lengthy constipation and severe bloating.